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What we fill

Our high-speed can line is capable of manufacturing pre-printed or pre-labeled 12oz Sleek and 16oz Aluminum Cans with a 202 end.

  • Cold-fill

  • Carbonated

  • Tunnel pasteurized 

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Equipment & Components

High-Speed Can Line Critical Components

Processing Equipment

  • Bulk Depalletizer - Alliance

  • 72 Valve Can Filler/Capper (1200 CPM) - Crown Cork and Seal

  • HEUFT-Fill Level and Leak Detection System

  • Double Decker Tunnel Pasteurizer - Krones - Sander Hansen

  • Global Shrink Tray Packer (12 & 24 Packs) - Hartness

  • QF2100 Cartoner (4 Packs) - Graphics Packaging International

  • Palletizer - Alliance

  • 2x 10,000G Mixing/Batching Tanks – 5,000G to 20,000G Batch Sizes

  • Steam Boiler § Microblend – Blending and Carbonating System

  • Reverse-Osmosis Water Purification § Wastewater Treatment

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Lab

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